“Siblings” is coming

Carlos Cipa is working on the music for the feature film “Geschwister/ Siblings” by austrian director and writer Markus Mörth.


The movie tells the odyssey of Bebe and her brother Mikhail escaping from Moldavia and fighting against all odds to find their way to Germany.


The story was published as a book written by Markus Mörth at Edition Keiper in 2012 and the screenplay was awarded with the Carl-Mayer-Förderpreis in 2011 and nominated for the Tankred-Dorst-Drehbuchpreis in 2012.


Produced by Nominal Film, ARTE , ORF and ZDF.



The picture shows the actors

Abdulkadir Tuncer and  Ada Condeescu with director Markus Mörth