New 3SAT Soundlogo On Air

New 3SAT Soundlogo On Air

Together with 3SAT and BDA Creative we developed a fresh set of Soundlogos for the beloved 3SAT TV Channel.

The concept for the new 3SAT audio logo is based on three elements representing the brands core values of curiosity, diversity and culture.

Therefore we divided the new soundlogo into three segments, the listener is introduced to an instrumental body, which is followed by the strong and identifiable brand logo and a final rise to create curiosity for the following programm.

The societal theme is composed of natural and organic as well as modern and explorational sounds and the final rise acts as a cue for the listener, creating suspense and curiosity as well as stages the content and programming that follows.

Have a good fresh start, 3SAT!

To be On Air from 5.February 2019