Skoda Kodiaq Reveal – Paris Motor Show 2018

Produced by Jack Morton Worldwide

The SpaceLiner Movie – for Alianz / Deutsches Luft und Ruamfahrt Zentrum

by Konstantin Landuris Studio Munich

The SpaceLiner hypersonic vessel is 100% CO² free, powerd by liquid oxygen and hydrogen and can reach a speed of mach 25 =25times supersonic (26.000kmh/ 16.000mi)
The vision should become reality in the 2050ies

Aesparel – Defeat your inner voice of doubt

Directed by Flo Knab

60 years Hymer

Produced by Büro Bewegt Munich

Vaude – Nature 2017

Directed by Flo Knab

St. Leonhards Water 2017

Produced and Directed by Clemens Fersch

Hans Grohe – Axor One

Skoda Vision X – Geneva Motor Show 2018

Infiniti – Shanghai Moror Show 2016

Orange France Télécom – 4G Introduction