Author: Philipp Ernst

16. Mai 2023 BR DocX

Documentary format BR DocX starts with new Music by Century Rolls

15. Juli 2021 RBB Summer Idents

New summer idents by Berlins very own RBB with a funny yet smart music concept by Century Rolls



23. Dezember 2020 Kontraste wins two Gold awards at Eyes and Ears of Europe

Big Congrats to the whole Team for this stunning design and the bould music choice! We are happy to see that beloved Kontraste win double Gold at the 20202 Eyes and Ears of Europe Awards Gold for "Best Information / News Design" and Gold for "Best Programme Related Design

12. April 2020 ARD-Kontraste On-Air Soundlogo is online // Awards

We did the Soundlogo for german broadcaster ARD investigative news format Kontraste. Won GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 - Excellent Communications Design // WORLD MEDIA FESTIVALS 2020, Intermedia-Globe Silver

19. November 2019 Eyes and Ears of Europe Awards

Congrats to 3SAT Redesign and ZDF Magic Moments for Eyes and Ears of Europe Awards. We are very proud to be part of these productions.

12. August 2019 New Lexus Commercial out

New Commercial with a stunning black and white look and a deep musical touch is out. Directed by Matthias Zentner. Music by Century Rolls

18. Juni 2019 Wilderer Documentary on Bayerischer Rundfunk TV

The documentary "Wilderer/Poacher" will be aired 18th june 2019 on BR Television at 21.h Thanks to Julie Zantl and Juno Film for the beautiful work. Music by Century Rolls / Dieter Dolezel

5. Februar 2019 New 3SAT Soundlogo On Air

Together with 3SAT and BDA Creative we developed a fresh set of Soundlogos for the beloved 3SAT TV Channel. The concept for the new 3SAT audio logo is based on three elements representing the brands core values of curiosity, diversity and culture. Therefore we divided

17. April 2017 GOOD ENEMIES @ DOK.fest 2017

The Documentary will be screened at DOK.fest 2017. Music by Dieter Dolezel. A film about Günther Weisenborn and the Resistance Group The Red Orchestra


Outdoor Season starts and this VAUDE Mountain Spot comes with a beatiful Song by Dieter Dolezels Project Surrogate Sibling feat. Chaem.

6. Februar 2017 Super Bowl 2017 with Morgan Freeman

We is soaring high in the clouds this Super Bowl, 2017. We made the score for the Turkish Airlines commercial starring Morgan Freeman.

22. Dezember 2016 St. Leonhards Water

One thing we see in nearly every add agency and film production in Germany is this mysterious water called "St. Leonhard". Thus we are proud to shed some light to where it comes from and who behind it

4. November 2016 Nissan Maxima Reedit

Next round for the Nissan Maxima campaign, we made a rework of the recent music for the Nissan campaign

19. Dezember 2015 MDR TV Opener on air

We finished some TV opener for the german TV Station MDR. To be on air from 30th of December 2015

23. November 2015 ZDF Christmas is coming

Prepare your Lebkuchens and cookies! In order to get you in the right christmas mood, we made a beautiful classical score for the 2015 ZDF Christmas campaign. To be on air from 28th November

11. März 2015 KUKA The Revenge is online

We composed and produced the music for the new KUKA Robotics campaign with a glasharp playing robot!

8. November 2014 RUDAW TV OPENER ON AIR

We made the music for this series of TV show openers. Since November 1st 2014 the newly designed openers are on air.

20. Oktober 2014 Screening Dates:

New Screeningdates for this documentary film about a brazilian activist Ricardo Gama. Music by Century Rolls.

6. August 2014 Recording for Bayerischer Rundfunk Radioplay

We finished the Recording Session for a radio play about "The Eternal Philistine" by Ödön von Horwárth. Zitherplayer: Georg Glasl. Production: 'Bayerischer Rundfunk'.

6. April 2014 The Chef Factory Continues

We made the opener music for this new webseries by the city of Lyon about the secrets "de la cuisine francais"

20. März 2014 Testpressing arrived

Ready to be seen on ARTE in May 2014! The screening DVDs from Kick Film arrived.

15. Januar 2014 Eleonore auf dem Max Ophüls Preis

The short movie "DIE DRINGLICHSTEN SEHNSÜCHTE DER ELEONORE SCHWARZ" will be premiered at Max Ophüls Preis Festival 2014. Music & Sounddesign by Century Rolls

20. November 2013 Mixing Ricardo

Final mix for the audio of the "In the Shadow of the Copacabana" documentary